The Pizza Vampire




Pizza Delivery guy / Vampire



Voiced by

Yotam Perel

"Mamma Mia! It'sa delicious good!"
―The Pizza Vampire[src]

The Pizza Vampire is an Italian vampire who delivered pizza to Mickey the Dick and became a guest speaker in WGJ4K: Fanmail 2.


Early LifeEdit

The Pizza Vampire was raised in an unknown town in Central America which he referred to as Dogville. He was raised by werewolves and was thought to be blind until he opened his eyes for the first time when he was 16 years old. He didn't enter human society until one year prior to his meeting with Mickey.

Fanmail 2Edit

While Mickey was reading fanmail, the "Pizza Delivery Guy" arrived at the studio asking what Mickey wanted on his pizza, explaining that he makes the pizza at the customer's houses. After he made Mickey his pizza, he stayed on the chat for a while, explaining his heritage and life story.


  • He can't keep a straight accent and his true nationality is unknown.
  • Because he's an Italian vampire, he can turn into a loaf of bread with bat wings.
  • The Pizza Vampire claims that his nationality is 50% Spanish, 25% Eskimo, 33% Indian, and 1% every other nationality in the world.
  • He claims that he directed the 1978 film, The Bees, which gives the possibility that his real name might be Alfredo Zacarias.
  • The Pizza Vampire made a quick cameo in a Mega64nimation "Facetiousness" where he is seen on a plane with 3 other characters.