The Cutie Mark Crusaders
are three school age ponies (Apple Bloom, an earth pony, Scootaloo, a pegasus pony, and Sweetie Belle, a unicorn pony) that don't have their cutie marks yet.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders made their first appearance in SHED.MOV, but Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have no speaking role.


  • Apple Bloom - an earth pony who is the younger sister of Applejack and Big Macintosh, and is the granddaughter of Granny Smith. She has a yellow coat, a red mane,tail,bow,and rose eyes. She is also Babs Seed's cousin.
  • Scootaloo - a pegasus pony who idolizes Rainbow Dash, she has purple eyes, mane and tail and an orange coat.
  • Sweetie Belle - a unicorn pony who is the younger sister of Rarity, she has green eyes, her coat is white and her mane and tail is lavender and pink.

Opposites Edit

  • In MLP: FiM, they don't have cutie marks. In PONY.MOV, Apple Bloom's cutie mark is a smiling flower.
  • In MLP: FiM, Apple Bloom is voiced by Michelle Creber. In PONY.MOV, she is voiced by Esther Nho.
  • In MLP: FiM, Apple Bloom is still alive. In PONY.MOV, she got crushed by Discord (but is brought back to life by Rainbow Dash's time reversing Sonic Rainboom in SWAG.MOV).