The Boss
The Boss in season one




Editor of Chief at VGV



Voiced by

Max Gilardi

New boss
The Boss
is the "Editor of Chief" of VGV. He appears to have the same persona as a cliché police chief with his no nonsense attitude often yelling at Mickey and his reckless behavior.


The Boss (along with anyone else) is the target of Mickey's abuse, such as being spat on and having his lamps and other VGV equipment broken. He is your normal average itallian bastard as some people might think Nonetheless, the Boss still encourages Mickey to do his job, offering him the best equipment, a "top-notch" film crew, and his respect. Of course, he is mocked. He and Mickey have "decided" that Mickey fulfill a quota of film work a day. It has been shown he is willing to use agressive force, as seen when Mickey tried to quit and the Boss pulled a gun at him. However, he is reluctant as he failed to shoot Mickey when inclined.

He is the first character to guess to Mickey's reason for being a dick, and has only appeared in three episodes thus far: "Mickey's Predicament," "The Tough Guy Front," and "Top 10 Hottest Game Chicks."


  • His name was going to be revealed to be "Homer Bossman."
  • The Pizza Vampire believes that the Boss is really Mickey's dad.