Stacey the Bitch
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Status Unknown
Location College Gamer Videos

Stacey the Bitch was a character in the cancelled Season 2 for WGJ4K and is the writer, director and star of College Gamer Videos. She formerly lived as a small time crook on the streets of New York City as she robbed liquor stores, sold crack, stole car stereos, and mugged people. This was her normal life until she was abducted by the evil corporation, CGV. Since the kidnapping, Stacey has been kept in the building against her will to create College Gamer Videos for reasons not explained.

Biography Edit

Stacey was kidnapped by CGV and was forced to produce content for a video game comedy show. Stacey hates video games and knows very little about consoles in general.This is in direct contrast to her co-workers' love for them. She has described her hate for video games as "overly poetic, shallow, interchangeable garbage", "head-up-the-ass retarded" and "video gay.".

In season 2 she and Mickey the Dick were planned to fall in love with each other but all they would do would yell at each other had have angry sex.

Trivia Edit

  • She is obviously a female version of Mickey the Dick having similar name and backstory and they both share a hate for video games.