Spooky and kooky

Spooky and Kooky are two amazingly original characters invented by the late great Ukinojoe who through his genius and unsurpassable creativity forged two of the greatest American icons ever to grace the land of the free.

First AppearanceEdit

It is said that the Spooky and Kooky easter egg can be found after watching Lenny and the Mystery of the Haunted Steeple for the sixth consecutive time, but only if you currently have a saved game from The Simpsons Hit and Run on your memory card and are a platinum card-holder at Hooters who is eligible for extras like this cartoon for some reason.

Final AppearanceEdit

The last apperance so far of Spooky and Kooky was at the end of the commentary on Jerry: The End after sitting through the terrible commentary Mr Gilardi made.