Spike's Infamous 1000 paged Sex Magazine is a fanmade item by an Anonymous User said by Spike and equipped by Spike. As said by its name, it has 1000 pages and all of the pages are about sex (all of them). It is read by Spike a lot of times in Twilight's house.

History starring Spike who is telling us... and he's messaging us in Bon Bon's phone... Edit

12:50 - -- - c[ |||]

Spikedrugzzz: Yo, Spike here. I had a 1000 paged Sex Magazine and I used to read it when I know how to had sex with all ponies... Let's see... hurmm... ok b*tches i know this is true...and I even possibly know that i played banned from equestria (daily)... b*tch, f**kers.[1]

Bon-bon: give me mah phone back f**ker![2]

Spikedrugzzz: NO >:(

Bon-bon: <:O

Take two. Edit

15:09 - -- - c[ ||]

Spikedrugzzz quoted: Pinkiepie[3]: I like sexting.

Spikedrugzzz: Lol you hooked on sexting, yo, b*tch...i know u Liek sexting...

Pinkiepie: watch ur grammar....!!!u b*tch!!!

Spikedrugzzz left the chat.

Pinkiepie: so fuk u..!!!!

Spikedrugzzz returned to the chat.

Spikedrugzzz: b*tchie pie.

Pinkiepie: How dare u call me thatname!!!i ban YoU!

Pinkiepie banned Spikedrugzzz so Spikedrugzzz cannot return back to chat.

Meanwhile, in another chatroom... Edit

Spikedrugzzz: halp me i cannot return back to the thread,yo...

jappleackalicia[4]: pinkie's a b*tch!! SHE'S A B*TCH!!

Spikedrugzzz: totally

afemalewhowantssomeonetosexher[5] entered the chat.

afemalewhowantssomeonetosexher: sex me

Spikedrugzzz: ok i f**k you,b*tch! Sex time!!

jappleackalicia: okay (9=3=9)

jappleackalicia: (5/_,5)

jappleackalicia left the chat and left a secret message: fuk u spike

Spikedrugzzz: y u no...!!

Trivia Edit

Usernames of people while Spike is texting: Edit

  1. Spikedrugzzz is Spike's username in Bon Bon's phone.
  2. Bon-bon is Bon Bon's phone username. She replied to Spike from an unusual human phone.
  3. Pinkiepie is Pinkie Pie's username in Bon Bon's phone.
  4. jappleackalicia is Jappleack's username in chat.
  5. afemalewhowantssomeonetosexher is a long username, infact used by a racist woman who wanted sex.