Spaceman and robot

The title card for the first episode

Spaceman Adventures was a short animation project drawn on paper, that Max Gilardi did for a class which has not been specified. The short, short series is about a spaceman, who resembles Jerry, and a robot in space and their many adventures on the Moon. The series is of course, created by Max Gilardi, and so far, has only lasted one episode, which was barely even a minute long. The short was actually drawn traditionally and not in Flash at all, which is rare for any Max Gilardi cartoon. Starting December 24, This cartoon along with Max Gilardi's other obscure cartoons will be airing on PONY.MOV TV as part of The HotDiggedyDemon Cartoon show.

Episode 1: Adventures in Space Edit


Spaceman and Robot are trapped on the Moon with their rocket crashed and smoke filling the air. They look on their devices to tell where they are but a sudden shaking happens and disturbs them. They grabs their laser guns and find out what is just happening to that. A giant, hairy monster emerges out of a hole inside the Moon and Spaceman fires lasers at him repeatedly. This cuts to the end, where the ending credits tell the viewer, most likely a kid, that "Drugs are Bad".


Creator, Animator, Writer - Max Gilardi

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