Sal J. Beauregarde




Prankster / Insulter



Voiced by

Max Gilardi

Sal J. Beauregarde is protagonist in Spookyville USA, from the first to the last episode. Sal is a devil with yellow horns sticking out of his head and wears a gray hoodie and jeans with a tail sticking out that moves in an unusual way. Sal is friends with Jake O'Brien, a pumpkin, and Wendy Murphy, a cat, is his girlfriend.

Biography Edit


Sal first appeared in the first episode of the series where he sees Jake playing basketball and comments on how pathetic Jake is at it but likes how he's so committed to something he is that bad at. He then challenges Jake to a game where he makes a slam dunk and is unaware of the travelling rule, but it still proud of himself for making the shot that he dances around and throws the basketball on the ground and throws Jake as well by accident and Sal asks if Jake is okay many times after that incident during the flash.

The Last EpisodeEdit

Sal returned in the second episode where a funeral is shown for him and he wakes up screaming, frightening the crowd. It turns out just to be a clip that he is showing from a fireplace in a robe and he shows several scenes from episodes that never happened. Wendy enters and speaks for the first time, calling Sal an idiot and that he makes up all the he is telling the viewer. Sal then shows a slideshow of really cute Japanese girls which turns into Dance Dance Revolution and he closes it by killing his friends and go to Heaven. They hear it has a long wait and he keep killing themselves up to Heaven 5, until Saint Peter says that there is no Heaven 6.


  • According to a drawing made by Max Gilardi, Sal has the most known relatives, as seen in the characters sketch drawing.