Princess Celestia S. Diana




Dictator of Equestria


Deceased (previously)
Alive (SWAG.MOV)

Cutie Mark

The Sun

Pony Type


Princess Celestia S. Diana (206 - 2012) later alive in (SWAG.MOV), is the "dear leader" of Equestria. Her student, Twilight Sparkle, is responsible for writing letters to her. She is one of the characters who's cutie mark is the same as the one in the real show.



She tried to save Ponyville by taking on Discord all by herself. She does this by flying right up to his face, and shooting at him with her horn. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work, as Discord just grabs Celestia and bites her head off.

Twilight Sparkle later tried to write a letter to her (even though she forgot that she's dead), but decided that she'll learn something tomorrow.


Even though she didn't make an actual appearance, it is proved that she is still alive after Rainbow Dash used her sonic rainboom to travel back to SHED.MOV, and her fighting Discord never happened after Rainbow Dash kills him.


  • In MLP: FiM, she is voiced by Nicole Oliver. In PONY.MOV, she had no speaking lines.
  • In MLP:FiM, she is calm. In PONY.MOV, she was acting a bit rough.


  • She, along with Applejack, Big Macintosh, Derpy Hooves, and Octavia, is one of the characters who's cutie mark is the same as in the real show.
  • The only thing similar to the show and MLP: FIM is that she still has a rivalry with Discord.
  • Another similarity is that they both are rulers of Equestria.