Paco Pachette




Illegal Mexican Immigrant
Rarity's Slave




8 (9 in SWAG.MOV until the time reset)

Voiced by

Max Gilardi

"Ohhhh, nooooo! Looks like hard time's ahead for Paco."

Paco Pachette is an illegal Mexican immigrant who is one of Rarity's slaves. He is close friends with the other ponies and has his own Twitter account.



Paco first appeared asking Rarity to help make his sore fingers better, due to him making so many dresses against his will. Rarity did what he said, and used her magic to break his fingers, making them even worse.


He was a part of the intervention group, along with Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Derpy Hooves (still a toaster), Lyra, and Bon Bon, to help Pinkie Pie with her party problems (with his broken fingers fixed).

On his Twitter account, he tweeted that the intervention was the most fun party he had ever been to.


Paco is shown pulling Derpy (his best friend) in a wagon. After finding a penny on the ground, he tells Derpy that this must be their lucky day, until they both got swept away by Discord's blood. When the current stops, Spike is shown to be sitting on top of him. As he pushes the dragon off, calling him a "shithead," Rarity then reprimands him; making him apologize afterwards. 

He later helps out by mopping up the blood, and tweets that he still feels lucky that he's got the penny.

Non-Cannon AppearancesEdit


He hung out with Spike by playing with a tec-deck. This showed that be has befriended Spike and possibly the ponies.


  • On his Twitter account, he mentions about the cruel things Rarity does to him, his relationship with the other ponies, his friendship with Sweetie Belle, and once asked Discord if he could crush Rarity's shop when he gives the signal.
  • Of all of the other ponies, he is best friends with Derpy Hooves (even though she was made into a toaster cozy).
  • Paco only swears in SWAG.MOV.
  • Paco looks a little like Jerry Jhonson.
  • Paco is not owned by Hasbro or Lauren Faust, because he is a fanmade character.
  • He makes a brief cameo in Hotdiggedydemon's Patreon advertisement.
  • It's unknown how Paco escaped Rarity's sweatshop after DRESS.MOV, or how he got his broken fingers fixed.

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