Jerry Junior Jhonson







Voiced by

Max Gilardi

Junior Jhonson (born 2007) is Jerry and Jennifer's son and Jason's grandson, who appeared in four episodes of the Jerry series, the most after Jerry and the same as Jason. He has red eyes and responsible for Jerry's suicide and later death, after he hung himself. Junior later found Jerry's father Jason who accepted him and lived with him in his self-titled story. Junior has appeared in Jerry, Jackie, Junior, and Jerry: The End, the last two in cameo appearances after being in brief scenes in the series.

Biography Edit


Junior has a rebellious-like personality, rude, unkind and a my-way-or-the-highway attitude.

As a baby

Junior was either crying or frowning.

Early lifeEdit

Junior was born in Jerry and made an unexpected appearance at Jerry's door with his mother and made Jerry's life miserable after crying and screaming at him every day for many months that followed after his birth. Jerry then committed suicide after hanging himself and Junior barely cared, as he just burped at Jerry.


Years later in 2013, Junior awoke to find his mother had gone to Reno, never to come back, and is happy at first, since he can make his own messes. However, he gets tired of this as he wants somebody to clean up his messes so he does research and finds his grandfather, Jason, after searching for him on the internet on a family tree website.

Junior then walks over to Jason's house, holding a paper revealing all of his information and forces him to make him a grilled cheese sandwich, which Jason refuses. Junior claims Jason is his grandfather but Jason doesn't believe him and tells him to leave unless he's a teenage Taiwanese prostitute. Junior returns with Jason's request and Jason lets him in and finds out the similarities of him and Junior over their hatred of Jerry. Jason tucks him after reading "The Shining", but tells him to stay away from the closet that frightened Jerry in Little Jerry and the Closet. Junior makes a cameo in Jerry: The End through a nightmare from a younger Jerry.                                     



  • Junior's age is also debated since the Jerry Flash was finished in 2007, but probably made in 2006 and takes place during that year. Jason's information sheet reveals he is 68 and born in 1945, meaning that the year was 2013 when Junior found Jason, meaning Junior is either six or seven years old.
  • In the HotDiggedyDemon forums, Max Gilardi confirmed that Junior's mother's name is actually Jennifer. Junior looks like Jerry as a baby.
  • Junior is the only character with a nose.
  • Unlike other Mexicans in Max Gilardi's videos, he does not have a Mexican accent.