June in season one




Employee at VGV (currently)

Host of "Kablam!" (formerly)



Voiced by

Max Gilardi

"I just want to say that you might think that I'm bad at video games because I'm a girl, but no, and I will beat you at super brawl brothers if you do not believe me, and I.. I am good at video games and I will beat you."

June is a large breasted member of the film crew that works with Mickey on Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz. Like Eric, June seems to be willing to create videos and believes that video games are God's greatest gift to mankind. Throughout the series, June has been portrayed as an unintelligent carefree game enthusiast making clear to everyone that even though she is a girl, she is capable of beating anyone at video games.

Just like Eric, she believes that video games are God's greatest gift to mankind. Also, like Eric, she has little knowledge about what a book actually is. She is also happy to accept Mickey for who he is despite their differences. She believes that WGJ4K should be improved on. Her favorite video game character is Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. series. However, she mistakenly calls him "Louie".

As of "The Tough Guy Front", she has only just begun to suspect that Mickey is not a nice guy. Max Gilardi revealed on that she may have a twin sister named May or April. June also admits to being June from the old nickelodeon callab cartoon Kablam! in "Mickey's Rebuttal"

In episode 42 of Wisenheimers, June reveals that her birthday is August 1st and celebrates all month in an event she calls "The Month of June". June also states that she has a very heavy period flow during that time, and likes to wear a large dress and just walk around and drip period blood. Mickey and the Boss found her in a closet by following her period trail and that she was caught, quote "red-handed." She also fantansizes about having Mickey as her boyfriend in secretcey, she hope one day she would like to have to sex with Mickey and start a family with him.

She makes a surprise appearence in SPIKE.MOV, disguised as Spike.


  • She is one of the guests from Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz who appeared in PONY.MOV.