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Esther Nho

Jo Jhonson is Jerry's mother and Jason's late wife from the Jerry series. She only appeared in Jerry: The End and made a brief cameo appearance in Junior, where she was only shown in a picture with Jason owned at his house. She died after being electrocuted from holding a toy Jerry owned up to the sky when lighting struck and killed her. Her death haunted Jerry mainly because he felt it was his fault, as did Jason who only grounded Jerry for three days due to the cause of her death.

First Appearance: Junior. ( Cameo. ) (2009)

Last Appearance: Jerry: The End. (2009)


When Junior moved in with Jason, his biological grandfather, Jason showed Junior a family portrait where she is seen in. She played a large role in Jerry: The End where she cheered up Jerry when he found out that he was going to live at an orphanage, since his parents would be getting a divorce. Jason and Jo waited outside for Jerry to come out and he brought out a toy he had and his parents argued over whether he could take to the orphanage or not. Jo finally took it and gave Jerry permission to take it as she called it "harmless", right before she was electrocuted. Jerry and Jason attended her short funeral in her memory.

Relationships Edit

Jo and Jerry
Jerry Jhonson: She has a heavy heart for Jerry more than Jason does. She said: 'Your a Very Special Boy Jerry.' Making Jerry feel important. Jerry felt sad and gutted when Jo died of a lighting shock.

Jason Jhonson: She seems to have neutral communication with Jason due to Jerry being depressed most of the time. She fight over Jason for Jerry's Toy because he said Jerry can't take it with him to The Orphanage.

Jo and Jason fights over Jerry's Toy


Jason Jhonson - husband (divorced)

Jerry Jhonson - son (deceased)

Jennifer - daughter-in-law

Junior Jhonson - grandson