Jennifer in Jerry's Bed

Jennifer is a minor character in the Jerry series.

First Appearance: Jerry. (2007)

Latest Appearance: Jerry 2. (2011)


Jennifer first appeared in Jerry, when she and Jerry had sex together. When he left for work the next day, she stole money from his wallet. In spite of the fact that Jerry used protection, she got pregnant (it is likely the condom broke during intercourse). She returns to Jerry's house with their son Junior. Jerry has no choice but to let them stay with him.

It is not known how Jennifer reacted to Jerry's suicide, but it is known that after his death, she and Junior continued to live in his house until some years later, where Jennifer abandons her son and moves to Reno (as seen in Junior).

She and her son made a minor appearance in Jackie, where she is passed out on the armchair with a bottle of beer in one hand. In Jerry 2, she is referred to as a "Mexican chick."

Pictures of Jennifer Edit

Jerry and Jennifer kissing
Jennifer on Jerry's Chair sleeping
Jennifer going to steal Jerry's Money


Jennifer has long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. She wears an orange top, jeans, and red lipstick. She has tanned skin and a mole on the left side of her face.