Jake O'Brien




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Voiced by

Max Gilardi

Jake O'Brien is tritagonist in Spookyville USA

Biography Edit


Jake made his first appearance in the first episode of the series. He is seen playing basketball and struggling until Sal walks in and makes not-so-helpful comments about how pathetic he is at it. But Sal then goes on to say he's never seen anybody so bad at something but so destined to do it anyway. Sal then challenges Jake to a game, which Jake doesn't feel like it, but Sal plays anyway and does a slam dunk. Jake calls it traveling, which Sal is unaware of and doing a celebration dance. He throws the basketball and even Jake and asks if he is okay, which he is presumed dead.

The Last EpisodeEdit

Jake returns in the second episode as a speaker at Sal's funeral. He also comes back to Sal during the clip show and asks how they could won an Emmy for a movie, which only shows and TV movies win Emmys. Sal throws Jake, again, at the wall and he replies, "Ouch." Jake returns and asks how a show that's only on the internet be on before The Simpsons and TV itself. Jake is then killed by Sal again, somehow, and sent to Heavens one-five. It is revealed that Jake is not heterosexual in Heaven when he asked what his sexuality is. Jake is then sent to Hell after being killed again on Heaven 5.


  • He appeared in both of the episodes of the series, like Sal as well, and "died" in both of them at the end of each flash.
  • Like Sal, Jake is voiced by the one and only Max Gilardi, who also writes, creates, and animates Spookyville USA.