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Jackie is a character from the Jerry Series


Jackie only appears a few times in Jerry as well as Jerry 2. Her backstory is revealed in Jackie.


Jackie had been married to the same police officer who arrested Jerry for driving drunk. When he came home to see her making out with a punk man, he threw her out of their home, giving her only a suitcase with one set of clothing inside. The suitcase is stolen by a teenage boy.

Jackie spends her first night sleeping on a park bench, only to awaken to a homeless man trying to unhook her bra. She beats him up in retaliation. Later, when walking down the streets, she is pulled into an alley by a thug with a knife. She beats him up, too.

Not long after, Jackie gets a job as a stripper in a strip club, but while walking towards the pole, she breaks her ankle (thanks to the platform shoes she wears as part of the gig). Once released from the hospital, Jackie gets a job at Ralph's, where she meets Jerry (again after Jerry: The End).

After their second night together, Jackie steals money from Jerry, which she uses to rent an apartment. Eventually, she comes back to him, sleeps with him, and steal money from him (again).

Several months later, an unhappy Jackie boards a train headed for an unknown destination. Here, she meets Jason, Jerry's father. When he casually put his arm around her shoulders, Jackie snaps and beats him up. During the assault, she has glimpses of Jerry and their time together. Suddenly worried for him, Jackie gets off the train and rushes back to his house, only to find him dead. After a moment of staring at his lifeless body, Jackie steals money from him one last time and seventy-three cents from the pocket of his pants (Her mother would be proud).

At the end of Jackie, Jackie is seen smoking a cigarette after beating up Jason once again.

She has a brief appearance at the end of Jerry: The End.

Pictures of Jackie Edit

Jackie and a Strip Club 'Girls Wanted' Sign

Jackie and a 'Girls Wanted' sign

Jackie being kicked out

Jackie being kicked out

Jackie's Pigtails close up view

Jackie's Pigtails

Jackie driving

Jackie driving

Jackie at Jerry's House

Jackie at Jerry's House


Jackie has green eyes, and black hair in a crew cut (later put in two pigtails, then curled before Jackie roughs it back into the crew cut). She wears a black T-shirt and jeans purple lipstick , along with a green vest when she is at work. When working at the strip club, Jackie wears a red two-piece bikini and green platform shoes (which she eventually breaks her ankle in). Towards the end, she wears a burgundy coat and a blue cap.

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