HALLOWEEN.MOV is a upcoming episode to PONY.MOV. A anonymous user made a fan-made transcript of this.

Transcript Edit

Warning: This transcript is considered fanmade and created by a anonymous user so please be aware that the transcript contains no swears.

(Allias is eating a mammoth)

Mammoth: (trumpeting)

(Allias spits out Mammoth's hide)

(Scene moves to Twilight Sparkle in a scientist costume.)

Twilight Sparkle: I'm gonna get candy.

Spike: Hey me too!!! In fact, I'd like to trade the candy ya got for my s** magazine.

Twilight Sparkle: S** MAGAZINE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

(Pinkie Pie is in a bottle of punch costume)

Pinkie Pie: Because of me being drunk, I've worn this stickman costume!

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie it's a bottle costume.

(Rainbow Dash is in a cool outfit costume)

Rainbow Dash: SUH-WAG.

Lyra Sanchez: She's cool!

Wendy Murphy: OMG!!!

Actual MLP FiM Rainbow Dash: Hey, what the heck are y'all up to? Is this Nightmare Night?

(all the people except for Rainbow Dash are shocked suddenly, and their faces aren't changed)

Actual MLP FiM Rainbow Dash: What's wrong? Is there something on my face?

(Allias comes to Twilight)

Allias ; Twilight, what was that weird sound?

Twilight : I don't know?

Allias : Well, can i get some beauty sleep?

Twilight : Sure, Allias.


Cast Edit

Max Gilardi - Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Lyra (characters who appear in this) and Fluttershy

Kira Buckland - Twilight Sparkle and Wendy Murphy

Ashleigh Ball - Actual Rainbow Dash

John Goodman - Allias 

Frank Welker - Allias' roaring sounds and Mammoth (undirected)

Arin Hanson - Princess Luna

Animals Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Rainbow Dash's actual form and her PONY.MOV self appear in this episode (cautionally fanmade).
  • Wendy from Spookyville USA appears in this episode as a extra character.
  • Spike has a sex magazine, including 1000 pages that are all about sex.
  • There is a secret scene which is unused, understanding this is the part 1 of HALLOWEEN.MOV.
  • Fluffle Puff had her first appearance in PONY.MOV but didn't have PONY.MOV design, as she appears like a actual MLP FiM oc. Also Queen Chrysalis but in her actual form.

The secret scene said in Trivia (Script) Edit

Princess Luna: Haha! The fun has been doubled!

(a image of actual mlp characters in fanon: Fluffle Puff (oc, fanmade) and Queen Chrysalis (actual fim character) kissing using their tongues.)

Spike: Eww.

(Fluttershy is still in prison)

Fluttershy: (voice is muffled due to the muzzle.) NEXT TIME, I'LL RETURN TO MY SHED AND WHEN YOU GET IN, I'LL GET YOU!

(Fluttershy escapes from prison)

Text: The end... Or to be continued i think?