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Voiced by

Max Gilardi

Grubdon (aka Buttface McFartsalot) is a molerat-like Pokémon featured in BUTTFACE McFARTSALOT.



Ash was the first one who discovered him and took him to the lab to show Professor Oak. The Professor told Ash that once a new Pokemon has been discovered, it has to be given a name (which isn't too hard because a Pokemon's name is the same thing that it says).

Due to Ash being a dim-wit, he had kept thinking of names that were given to other Pokemon. Grubdon even tried to tell him his name multiple times, even by writing it on the chalkboard. When Ash finally thought of good name ("Buttface McFartsalot"), Professor Oak looked it up and told him that "Buttface McFartsalot" was the name it should have. This did not amuse Grubdon.

Later on, in a Pokemon fight, Ash brought out Grubdon (or Buttface McFartsalot) and told him to attack. Grubdon refused to fight until he calls him by his real name. Of course, Ash wouldn't listen and, as a result, made Grubdon so mad that he could only yell out his name multiple times, making him lose the fight.

At the Hospital, Grubdon was shown laying down, badly injured. Ash then came to visit by telling him, calmly, that it was okay that he lost and gave some flowers with a note that says, "Get well soon, Buttface." Grubdon ended the episode by groaning his name ("Grubdon") in pain.