• Outside (DRESS.MOV)
  • Outside (in SHED.MOV)
  • Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Spike entering in the Fluttershy's shed
  • Fluttershy entering in her shed
  • Bunny Brain Corner
Fluttershy's Shed
is a shed owned by Fluttershy. Fluttershy warns everyone to stay out of her shed. If anyone gets in her shed, they will be forced to get killed.

It made its first appearence in DRESS.MOV in which Fluttershy told Twilight Sparkle not to go in there after she asked her where the Elements of Harmony are. When Fluttershy was out getting a dress from Rarity, she told her to stay out of her shed as well.

Spike, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie are the first ones to find out what was inside in SHED.MOV after forgetting about what Fluttershy has said multiple times.

When the ponies enter the shed, they are greeted with a Playpony magazine with porn in it. Spike points out that Fluttershy has turned Derpy into a toaster cozy. The ponies are interrupted by Fluttershy coming inside the shed. She produces a chainsaw and beings to sing. Pinkie Pie and Spike escape but Rainbow Dash ends up getting chopped in half. The police show up and Fluttershy is taken to a mental institute.

In Fluttershy is also using the shed as a tea house when Discord's head lands on the sheds roof.