Eric in season one




Employee at VGV



Voiced by

Max Gilardi

New eric
is a part of the film crew that works with Mickey on Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz. Unlike Mickey's existence at VGV, Eric seems to be willing to create videos. His love for video games is evident as he believes them to be the greatest gift to mankind and the sole reason the universe was created. He is overweight and his face is covered with acne. He also claims to be a robot and has antennae protruding from his head.


At the beginning of the series, Eric would let Mickey's attitude get to him, retaining happy demeanor toward him at most times. However, after "Mario vs. Sonic" in which Eric suffered a beating during a video filming (which may or may not have been completely acted), he has started to stand up against Mickey when provoked, even though still getting his big fat ass kicked so hard. He and Mickey also argue about which one likes to listen to "Panic! at the Disco", with Mickey claiming that Eric loves it and listens to it all day long. Despite his relationship with Mickey, Eric is happy to accept Mickey for who he is and says he doesn't need to put on a tough guy front for June and himself. He agrees that WGJ4K is not very funny but still wants to help in improving the show.

Eric seems to know very little about what books are, often relating them to video games (e.g. there's usually no gameplay and when there is, the controls aren't very responsive). He also lacks knowledge about games such as chess (e.g. incorrectly moving pieces and calling a knight a "horse").


  • Eric is named after Eric Wareheim from the sketch comedy series, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, what a gay show!