Ash Ketchum is one of the "protagonists" of the real Pokemon TV series and video game. He is featured in BUTTFACE McFARTSALOT.



Ash appears in the Pokemon lab showing Professor Oak that he discovered a new species of Pokemon. The Professor told Ash that since he discovered it, that he means he has to name it (even though a Pokemon is named after the word it says). Since Ash is an idiot, he keeps thinking of names that are already given to other Pokemon. Just as the new Pokemon keeps on saying what his name is, Ash decided to name it Buttface McFartsalot (much to the Pokemon's annoyance).

Soon, Ash takes his new Pokemon out for a battle, but it refuses to fight unless he calls him by his real name. As a result, the Pokemon loses, and is taken to the hospital. Ash visits him and tries to make him feel better by giving him some roses that say, "Get well soon, Buttface," which makes him feel even worse.